Rifles Regiment London Club – After dinner talk

I was invited to speak at the Annual Game Dinner of the Rifles Regiment London Club on 19th October 2011.   A black tie evening, with delicious food and a gorgeous setting with a long polished table heaving with regimental silver.  All very friendly and I spoke for about 10 minutes after our first course (to get it over with!) and it went quite well, considering I’d never done anything like this before!!  I then signed and dedicated a few books and we ran out which was a shame so I suggested they pop to Hatchards in Piccadilly as they always stock them, as do Daunt books on the Fulham Road.

We have just come back from 3 days shooting, 2 on the grouse at Reeth and one in Shropshire, Pheasants.   All great fun and wonderful balmy weather,  we had a fantastic time with good friends and the grouse were like missiles.

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